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We act as consultants, legal advisers and have also obtained banking licenses for establishment of Merchant and Commercial Banks in Nigeria.

Acted as consultant and Solicitors for the establishment of Coal Mining joint ventures in Nigeria.

Acted as consultants for the entry and establishment in Nigeria by companies engaged in petroleum and oil services-including offshore logistics and diving,drilling, cementing mud lugging equipments supplies and others

Negotiated and acted as Solicitors for the Acquisition of vessels, Aircrafts.

Represented many multi-nationals in negotiating with the Nigerian Government on matters relating to Aviation, Petroleum, Mining, Shipping, Defence, Police, Customs, Immigrations and Telecommunications.

Formation of joint venture companies involving multi-nationals and their Nigerian counter-parts in the areas of: -

  1. Commodity – Exports
  2. Oil and Gas Oil Services Companies
  3. Oil Pipeline Surveys and Integrity Reports
  4. Deep Offshore Services and Logistics relating to operations in the oil Industry.
  5. Consultants and Solicitors to Ship-building Yard and Ship Repair Dockyards


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